Architecture of Anuvaad

The architecture is around 2 major blocks :

  • Document Digitization

  • Document Translation



Workflow Manager(WM)

Centralized Orchestrator based on user request.


Python package/library used for formatting , exception handling.

File Uploader

Microservice to upload and maintain user documents.

File Converter

Microservice to convert files from one format to other. E.g: .doc to .pdf files.


Microservice accepts source and target sentances and align them to form parallel corpus.


Microservice tokenises pragraphs into independently translatable sentences.

Layout Detector

Microservice interface for Layout detection model.

Block Segmenter

Handles layout detection miss-classifications , region unifying.

Word Detector

Word detection.

Block Merger

An OCR system that extracts texts, images, tables, blocks etc from the input file and makes it avaible in the format which can be utilised by downstream services to perform Translation. This can also be used as an independent product that can perform OCR on files, images, ppts, etc.


Translator pushes sentences to OpenNMT which are translated and pushed back during the document translation flow.

Content Handler

Repository Microservice which maintains and manages all the translated documents

Translation Memory X(TMX)

System translation memory to facilitate overriding NMT translation with user preferred translation. TMX provides three levels of caching - Global , User , Organisation.

User Translation Memory(UTM)

System tracks and remembers individual user translations or corrected translations and applies automatically when same sentences are encountered again.

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